The Future of Mass-Transit for Wallabout


The Future of Mass-Transit for Wallabout


All residents of Wallabout know that the area currently is not the most convenient when it comes to access to mass-transportation. However, as the Navy Yard continues its re-emergence and the Brooklyn Waterfront continues to develop, Wallabout residents may see more convenient options when it comes to accessing the city’s transportation network.

The Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar (“BQX”)

Earlier this year Mayor De Blasio held a press conference in Red Hook announcing his support of a Brooklyn waterfront street car service (dubbed the “BQX”) running from Red Hook to Astoria. Since the initial press conference, a group of supporters have formed a centralized website to advocate for the construction of the BQX, which can be found here. The website details everything from the proposed route to statistics on how residents of Queens and Brooklyn would be positively impacted by its construction. A screen-shot of the proposed route can be found below.


Based on this proposal, the BQX would run right through Wallabout, with a stop near the Navy Yard. While it is unknown whether the line would run on Flushing Avenue or Park Avenue (under the BQE), it is clear that no matter which avenue is utilized the short walk to the stop on the BQX would be much more convenient than the 15 minute walk to the A,C or the 12 minute walk to the F train. The De Blasio administration has also focused on the important of integrating the BQX into the pre-existing transportation grid, meaning easy transfers to local subway and bus routes. While the BQX has not yet been funded, city officials are in the midst of three months of meetings with local residents along the streetcar’s route to discuss the proposal. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with updates during the course of year.

Rumors of a Navy Yard Ferry Stop

The growth of the Navy Yard could also positively impact Wallabout residents if the BNYDC is able to successfully land a ferry stop in the Navy Yard. Major Bill De Blasio has also been outspoken about his goal of increasing ferry service to outer boroughs. Brooklyn will be a clear beneficiary of this, and the mayor announced earlier this year that Hornblower Inc would be the new operator of the Citywide Ferry Service, set to launch in June 2017. Hornblower will include stops on its routes in Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Rockaway peninsula, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, and Red Hook. Fares will cost the same as a MetroCard ride. With the workforce set to double in the Yard in the coming years and projects such as Dock 72 underway, the committee as well as the developers of Dock 72 are working hard to land a ferry stop and enhance Wallabout’s connectivity to the city’s transportation network.

Wallabout Residents are optimistic about the prospects of the BQX as well as a ferry landing, but much like the past, they are heavily reliant upon the continued growth of the Navy Yard for increasing the area’s prominence and connectivity to the city’s transportation infrastructure. Stay tuned for future transportation updates in the months ahead.

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